Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Double Workout

Today is DEX day at NerdStrong Gym, we started with a nice warm up and then moved on to some Practice Ring Dips. Most of the class weren't able to do Ring Dips so we broke them down into three stages. First stage was just being able to hold yourself up on the rings (with the help of your legs). The second stage was trying to dip down (also with the help of your legs) and the final step was pushing yourself back up (yep with leg help). Each one of these stages was tough. About halfway through the dipping part I felt that familiar pain in my back. It looked as though my back strain wasn't completely healed yet. Needless to say I stopped doing the Ring Dips and took a break while everyone else finished up.

Lucky for me during the actual workout my back was feeling better so I was able to do the 3 rounds of 15x Diamond Push Ups, 25x Hollow Rocks and 50x Jump Rope. This wasn't a difficult workout.. just tiring, especially the third set. I have come to noticed that I have gotten so much better at doing push ups. I got the form down not to work on my endurance.

After a few minute rest we did the second half of the workout which consisted of 3 rounds and AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible). We started with a :20 second Plank, then :10 second rest, then :20 second Alt T-Plank, which is raising one arm in the air while planking. After the :10 second rest we did a :20 second 1-Leg Plank which meant we would raise one leg and opposite hand while in a plank. By the third round I was exhausted but I manged to hold my plank the entire time.

It was a great workout but I still have a bit of energy left and coach Blair posted another workout that he was going to do after class so I stuck around and attempted to do it as well. For this special coach Blair workout it was 5 rounds of 100 Jump Ropes, 10 Wall Balls and 5 Pull Ups (Ring Rows). I manged to do three rounds before I call it quits.

Thanks to coach David and coach Blair for two amazing workout today..

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