Sunday, June 7, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Goonies Never Say Die

So I was up early this morning, I slept decently compared to the past few days and I felt okay. Luckily this morning's class isn't until 10 so I got to sleep in a bit. When I got to the gym the parking lot was packed. This is the first Sunday where the 9am class is free and loads of people took advantage of that. It was great seeing so many new faces, hopefully this little taste will get them hooked. Also today's 10am class was completely booked as well. This was the first time that all 20 slots were taken for the new expanded gym.

So a little back story first.. Early last week I mentioned to coach Andrew via Facebook messager that this Sunday is the 30th Anniversary of one of my all time favorite movies The Goonies. I asked if he could create a Goonies themed workout for Sunday's workout (he replied with "Maybe :) ) and sure enough today on the board is a Goonies themed workout.. woohoo!!!

After a nice warm up we got right into the workout. For today's workout we were doing it in teams of 4. Each team had 4 gold coins (10, 15, 25 & 45 pounds weighted plates). We had to get the gold coins from One Eyed Willies ship and run along the beach (250 meter parking lot run) and then drop the gold coins into a treasure chest (large tire or box). But before we go run with our gold coin (weight) we had to do 10x Push Ups, 10x Sit Ups and 10x Squats, then one person would take one of the gold coins (weights) and run solo while the other three planked the entire time. We then would do the 10x Push Ups, 10x Sit Ups and 10x Squats again before the second person carried their coin around the beach. We did this four times before all the coins were safely in the treasure chest on the beach.

My team consisted of Brenden, Kiki, Jen and myself. First thing we did was discuss which weight each of us were taking. I was the Mikey of our group and kind of took charged. So I laid out my plan. Brenden or I would take the 45lbs weight but since I wasn't at 100% Brenden was kind enough to carry that one. I carried the 25lbs weight while Jen did the 15lbs and Kiki did the 10lbs. Brenden did the first run since he was carrying the heaviest weight and I knew it would be harder and harder as we continued to do the workouts in between the runs, so we got his out of the way first. I then suggested that Jen go second, I would go third and Kiki would go last because she had the lightest weight and after doing four rounds of the workout we'd be spent but carrying the lightest weight would be the best opinion at the end. Everyone seemed to like my idea so we went with it.

It was a great workout, I think the toughest part was holding the plank between the workouts while the one person ran. We were all determined to not break the plank and hold the entire time. I love doing team workout, especially when they are themed. It really does get you through them. Thanks to my awesome team of Goonies, Brendan, Kiki and Jen you guys rocked it!!! And thank you to the awesome coaches, coach Andrew, coach Seely and coach Blair.

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