Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Connnnn!!!

Today is Wednesday and that means CON day with coach Blair and man was it. Not only was the workout titled Connnnnn! but it was non-stop movement for 30 minutes straight.

After the warm up we got into the first section of the main workout.. which was lots and lots of running. We started with a 250 meter run around the parking lot, this wasn't a jog, coach Blair wanted us to run. We rested for :45 seconds and then did another 250 meter run before taking another rest break. For this break we got an entire minute before we did had to do our third and final run. Needless to say I was already exhausted before we even got started with the the next section of the workout.

And speaking of the next section, coach Blair loves running but I think he equally loves rowing.. so that's what we did for the second part of this workout. We partnered up into teams of two, I teamed up with my buddy Derek and we had to take turns rowing 100 meters but there was a twist. For the first three minutes it was an easy row but minutes 4, 5 and 6 were a sprint. Then minutes 7, 8 and 9 went back to a nice easy pace before we finished with another sprint for minutes 10, 11 and 12. Both Derek and I are at about the same fitness level when it comes to rowing so I think we pretty much equally did about 6 minutes of rowing each.

Now that we are thoroughly exhausted it was time to move on to our final section of the workout. This was broken down as follows. We started with 5 minutes of Wallballs, rest 1 minute and then move on to 4 minutes of Burpees, rest :45 seconds before moving on to 3 minutes of Slamballs, rest :30 seconds, then do 2 minutes of Kettlebell Swings before getting a whopping :15 second rest before finally doing 1 minute of WallSitting.

These were all AMRAP (As man reps as possible). I started off strong with the wallballs and completely forgot that I had to do 5 straight minutes and after just one minute was dying. I slowed down a bit and tried to better pace myself. The 4 minutes of burpees were tough but I just did them at a nice slow and steady pace. Though I was pacing myself I started to get a big light headed so when it came to the three minutes of slamballs I really slowed down and would do a few and then rest, do a few more and then rest. Now for the kettlebell swings I didn't feel comfortable doing these since this is what I initially hurt my back on and I re-injured it a few days ago so instead I did ring rows and managed to do only about 20 of them before I had to stop as my head wouldn't stop spinning. The final minute of wallsitting wasn't that bad and I actually managed to sit for the entire minute.

So another awesome workout.. I expected it to be tough and coach Blair didn't disappoint. I got a little light headed but recovered with in a few minutes. Though it's a lot of work I really do enjoy these kinds of workouts. Thanks coach Blair. 

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