Saturday, June 13, 2015

Going Away Party

Today I went to a goodbye party for fellow NerdStrongers, Cate and Tyler. They are moving to Northern California in a few weeks and was having a BBQ going away party.  First thing I did was pick up my friends Erin and Mike who were also attending the party. We got to Cate and Tyler's friends beautiful house out in Glendale. There were quite a few people there that I didn't know, but there were also some fellow NerdStrongers. Seely quickly got into the spa so a group of us gather around the pool and hung out. As more NerdStrongers arrived we all congregated over by the spa/pool.

It was fun seeing these guys outside the gym. I got to talk with coach Andrew and coach Marla on more of a personal level. I also had a good heart to heart talk with my new buddy Kevin. We enjoyed some burgers and hot dogs and chatted for about three hours. Overall it was an enjoyable day. Though I just met Cate and Tyler in February when I started NerdStrong I'm sad to see them leave... they will be missed.

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