Monday, July 20, 2015

Doctor Who Teaser & Mr. Tumnus Cosplay

BBC released a teaser trailer for their upcoming season Doctor Who. Lot's of bits and pieces, it looks a bit darker but that's how this doctor has been portrayed. Still not a fan of this doctor but I'm loving Clara with this doctor. Looks like the Master is going to be back again (not a surprise) as well as some old school villains. I'm excited to see more Doctor Who but not like I was back with Tennant.

I came across this awesome looking but I'm sure they will hurt wearing Faun leggings and hooves. My first thought was... Oh I can cosplay as Mr Tumnus, who I adore from the Narnia series.

I think I could pull off a really good cosplay of him but then remembered that he is shirtless and I don't know if I'm comfortable enough with my body to pull something like that off. Still who knows what the future holds I like the idea and I might try and do an alternate version with a vest or something. I mean he does wear a red scarf so I might be about to wrap that around my body. I'd also want to get full length leggins as these cut off at the knees. I know my friend Jes has made these kinds of legging in the past so I might see if I can get her to make me a pair.. but needless to say I won't be buying these leggings or hooves anytime soon as funds are extremely low.

You can check them out at this ETSY store HERE.

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