Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Running, Running & More Running Pt 2

Today was a repeat of last Wednesday CON day with a twist. We first started with a good warm up as we usual do.

For the actual workout it was broken down into two segments. The first was a 2 minute run and 1 minute rest for 4 rounds. Unlike last week when it was only a 1 minute run but we did it for 5 rounds, so it's less rounds but more "reps". This is always tough because you want to impress but not kill yourself especially since you know you are going to have to sprint for the next section of the workout. I did pretty good at pacing myself and landed in the same location everytime the two minutes was up.

For the sprinting that was different from last week as well. Last week we sprinted for a minute and then rested for 4 minutes and we did this 5 times. This time around we sprinted from the Hydrant to Sign (roughly 140 meters) and then rested 3 minutes and did this also 5 times. Here is were I shined. I used to run track and sprinting was my thing so I did the first sprint in 17 seconds, next I did it in 15 seconds and the three after that I manged to do 16 seconds each. It's nice to know that the sprinter is still in me and if I had proper shoes I probably could have shaved off a second here or there. But I was happy with my results and yes it took a toll on me to do that but I didn't kill myself and recovered quickly.

Don't know if we are going to be running next Wednesday, guess will have to wait and see.

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