Saturday, July 25, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - 450 Reps, 500 Meter Run & 9 Minutes of Planking

After taking off Friday and resting a bit I was ready for whatever coach Andrew threw at us today.. so I thought!! Today's worked looked horrendous, but once it was broken down and modified it was still horrible but not as bad when I first saw it. This workout had a huge reward. Coach Andrew doesn't like hugs but he offered to hug anyone who finished this workout. I was determined to make it happen.

Of course we started with a really good warm up before moving straight into the workout. We had a time cap of 30 minutes and were to get as far as we could within that time. So if you look at the workout the black was the more advanced, the green numbers on the right were a step down and then the items in the parenthesis were even a further step down.  Coach Andrew strongly suggested that we go back and forth between the items, depending on our ability.

So I started my workout with a 250 meter run with a 20lbs sandbag around my shoulders. Next I grabbed a 35lbs Kettlebell and started to do the 100x Goblet Squats. I got to 50 and realized that I was killing myself so I went down to a lower pound kettlebell and did 10 more before calling it quits. I did the :90 second plank and then I tried to do a Kettlebell Sit Up and failed so I opted to do a regular sit up and did the full x90 of them. Did another :90 second plank before moving on to the 80x Explosive Push Ups (for this we had to have one hand on a kettlebell and then push ourselves off and over with one hand and land with the other hand on the kettlebell. I manged to do 30 this way before dropping the kettlebell all together and doing another 10 before calling it quits. Another :90 second plank and then 70x Kettlebell Reverse Lunges. Right now I'm pretty cooked so I did a first 10 with the kettlebell but dropped the weight and did the remaining 25 without wait for a total of 35.

These planks were getting harder and harder and I was taking more breaks then I would have liked but I tried to stay up for as long as I could for the next :90 second plank. At this time I resolved that I would do the lesser reps with the weights just so I could get through as much of the workout as possible. So next was the 60x Face Peelers, which meant I did 30 of them. At this time there was only 90 seconds left of the workout so I did a :60 second plank and then moved on to the Mace Thrusts and managed to do :30 seconds worth before time ran out.

And with that I failed at completing the workout so that meant no hug from Coach Andrew for me :( needless to say I was disappointed but I did a pretty good job and got to where I was hoping to get (though I had to modify more then I liked), so I was happy with the results. This was a tough workout but a good one. Thank Coach Andrew.

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