Sunday, July 19, 2015

NerdStrong Baby Shower

In the after noon I went to Marla and Andrews baby shower. Marla and Andrew are the co-owners and founders of NerdStrong Gym and they are having their first baby.. it's a boy. I was happy to see that it was going to be at coach Kimi's house which is only a few blocks from my place so I was able to walk.

I had intended on bringing some buffalo chicken wings, orange chicken, chips and some onion dip. The chicken was the easy kind.. just pour out of a bag. All you had to do was heat them up and then pour the sauces on them... so I thought. About half hour before the party I figured I'd nuke the chicken to warm it up before heading over to Kimi's. But first I wanted to try one as I had never had this brand before and they can be hit and miss. Well I bit into the buffalo chicken and realized that it was raw still. I assumed these were already pre-cooked and all you had to do was heat them up and serve. Nope.. you had to cook them first then put on the sauce but instead I poured the sauce onto raw chicken and it had soaked into the breading and became all mushy. So yeah.. those were out.. I couldn't bring those so I just brought the chips and dip.

I got to the party and a few people were there. Soon the place was packed. This was a co-ed baby shower and didn't have any of your usual baby shower games. They did have was paint your own onesies station set up. Of course coach David set the bar really high by doing this amazing Cyclops onesies. I myself started to make a Minion but then decided to do a Hufflepuff rode which quickly turned into a black tuxedo with a dashing red bow tie (upper right corner of the picture above). I wasn't happy with my end results but luckily there were quite a few good ones that they can actually use. It was a cool and fun idea.

There were lots of tasty food like watermelon soup (courtesy of Marla) but I think the most creative came from coach Christy with her Baby Groot cupcakes. They not only looked amazing but they also tasted great.

Overall it was a nice party, not super crazy, kind of quiet and lots of geek talk.. just what you would expect from the creators of NerdStrong. Thanks for the invite guys.

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