Saturday, July 25, 2015

Me - Before and After

I always have been and will always be short and stocky, I will never be skinny and I've come to accept that. Because I'm stocky I've been able to hide my weight pretty well. I mean when I told people I was over 200lbs they couldn't believe it. But at my heaviest 219 it was becoming harder and harder to hide. I truly didn't think I was that big. Besides other medical issues.. I was considered morbidly obese. Which I always found ridiculous but that's what they classified me as. Now going into my sixth month at NerdStrong Gym and nine month overall workout I am down 30 lbs, one shirt size smaller (XL to a L) and three pant sizes smaller (38 down to a 35).

I posted a picture of my face shot before and after face shot a few weeks back and was shocked at how different I looked. When I was larger I didn't realize how big I had gotten because it was a slow process over many years. But when you put a picture next to a picture it's just crazy to see the difference.

So today I was on the hunt of a body picture that really showed how heavy I was and I have to say that was a tough challenge. Most full body pictures are of me standing up and because my chest is larger then average (again I'm stocky) my shirt comes out over my stomach so you really can't see the belly. I searched through hundreds of photos until I found one from when I got a mani/pedi with my mom last year. In the picture I wasn't my full 219 lbs, but probably close 210 lbs or so but I was sitting and it definitely showed off my larger belly. Again when you put a picture next to a picture it's amazing to see the difference nine months of hard work and eating healthier can do. I'm still far from my goal of 165 lbs, currently 189 lbs but I'm well on my way. I'm was hoping to lose the last 24 lbs before by my one year anniversary of getting fit on Oct. 21st 2015. But that doesn't seem likely since I haven't gone down a single pound in the last two months but I know that I'm losing fat but gaining muscle in it's place. So instead my new goal is to be my ideal weight of 165 on my 1 year anniversary at NerdStrong Gym which is February 5th 2016. That seems like a more reachable goal, 24 lbs in 7 months which means I have to lose just over 3 lbs a month... wish me luck!!

Overall I'm very happy with my progress and I want to thank you all for your continued love and support.

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