Thursday, July 23, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Bench Pressing

Strength day today at NerdStrong Gym. We started with a good arm warm up before moving on to our barbell workout.

Today it was Bench Press. I actually like bench press' because I can lift a fair amount. Once I learned the proper form the rest was easy. We had to do seven sets of 4 reps each. We started at 60% of our max, then 70%, 80%, 85% and then back down to 65%, 75% and finally 85% again. We also added 5 to 10 additional pounds to that number.

My max bench press is 180 lbs so I did my percentage from there. It was a good workout. It's tough to do 4 reps at 85% but nice to go back down again where it feels like you are doing nothing at 65%. The last 85% reps is the hardest because you just finished doing 24 bench press' at various rates and now you have your final four at one the heaviest weights. I am looking forward to upping my max for bench press. I'm hoping to get to 200lbs in the near future.

The last 20 minutes of class was dedicated to a mini workout which was 5 rounds of 10x Barbell Push Press and then 70 meter Farm Carry with a Kettlebell. After first this didn't feel much like workout but after your third round and during the Farm Carry you're arms start to feel like lead and all you want to do is drop the kettlebells. By the end you are happy it's over.

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