Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Push/Pull Ladder

Today's DEX workout was crazy difficult. It started with a pretty intense warm up. We started with 2 rounds of 7x Scap Pulls and 7x Scap Push Ups. Then a Door Stretch and J Hook Calf Stretch before doing 2 rounds of 10x Bridges and 10x Slow Froggers. I was already tired and we hadn't even started the actual workout yet.

The workout was broken down into two parts, the first part was push ups and pull ups. It was called a Push/Pull Ladder. We started with 10 push ups and 1 pull up, then 9 push ups and 2 pull ups.. as our push ups went down our pull ups went up until we did 1 push up and 10 pull ups. It was a tough workout especially for the arms. Most of use can't do pull ups so we did ring rows instead. Since I can do at least one pull up coach Andrew asked me to do one before moving on to ring rows each time. Towards the end Brenden and I were doing ring rows on a box.. so we were almost vertical while pulling ourselves up. As I said it was a tough workout.

Part two was 4 rounds of :45 second of work, :30 seconds of rest. We did Jump Rope, Kettlebell Swings and Burpees. So we started with :45 seconds of Jump Ropes, then rest for :30 seconds, then :45 second of Kettlebell Swings and then rest for :30 seconds and finally :45 seconds of Burpees before resting for :30 seconds and then doing it all over again three more times. :45 seconds doesn't sound like much but after the push ups and pull ups it's a struggle to continue to keep moving. And the :30 seconds of rest feels like it's only few seconds.

And to top it off it was my buddy Derek's birthday so that of course meant Birthday Battle Ropes. I never let anyone do them alone so I joined in and did them as well. As did a few others..  I know I'll be feeling this workout days to come.. my arms are going to be a mess.

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