Monday, July 27, 2015

Another Job, Dirty Paws & Star Wars Rebels S2

Work news... I start a second show today and luckily it's out of the same offices I am in for my current show. I'll be doubling up for the next month and a half.. double the work isn't great but more money will help pay down my debt quicker. Can't really talk much about the new gig.. other then it's a new game show for cable. My current gigs runs until mid-September and the new one runs through November.

Came across this very cute short film called "Dirty Paws" that was put online a few months ago, it's the thesis film of a student (Karina Farek) who attends SVA (School of Visual Arts) animation. Here's a quick synopsis: All relationships have issues. Who does the dishes, which in-laws to spend the holidays with. But having a boyfriend who happens to be a werewolf can make life interesting at times. Their a normal couple doing normal things like cuddling, making each other breakfast, and being there for each other specially during a full moon. 

The animation is cool and the story is very sweet, I love that there is more same sex couples being represented in animation.  

During my lunch break I was finally able to watch the premiere episode of season two of Star Wars Rebels. If you have no idea what Star Wars Rebels is.. It's an animated series that fills the gap between the events of "Episode III" and "Episode IV." Imperial forces occupy a remote planet and are ruling -- and ruining -- its inhabitants' lives with an iron fist. A clever, disparate crew aboard the starship Ghost takes a stand against the Empire, facing new villains and colorful adversaries. The rebels on the Ghost include leader Kanan, ace pilot Hera, feisty heroine Sabine, tough guy Zeb and 14-year-old con artist Ezra.

Though this was episode one of season two.. it's more of a stand alone TV-movie called "The Siege of Lothal" On orders to hunt down the Rebels and especially the Jedi among them, Darth Vader begins an oppressive campaign against Lothal's populace in order to find the group. The Ghost crew starts working with the wider Rebel cells, but are divided between joining the larger network and waging open war on the Empire, or staying out of a large-scale fight. The situation is even more complicated when Minister Maketh Tua, fearing punishment for failing to neutralize the Lothal rebels, tries to defect to them in order to escape Vader, offering to reveal the truth behind why the Emperor wants the planet - however, Vader uses this to his advantage and orchestrates Tua's murder, framing the rebels for the act and turning Lothal's population against them. The Ghost crew tries to flee but are cornered by Vader, who injures Kanan and Sabine and nearly kills Ezra before they finally escape.

After being smuggled offworld by Lando to escape the Empire, the demoralized crew meet up with Ahsoka's rebel cell, but Vader pursues them and proceeds to wipe out most of the rebel ships, discovering Ahsoka in the process - where Ahsoka is horrified to learn that Vader is actually her old Jedi master, Anakin Skywalker. Ahsoka joins the Ghost crew as they vow to join the wider fight against the Empire, while Vader reports Ahsoka's existence to Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor issues Vader new orders; dispatch another Inquisitor to hunt the crew of the Ghost, Ahsoka included, and capture them.

There was so much awesome in this episode. They are opening this series into a much larger world. Season one established these characters but it was never as grand as The Clone Wars. But if they continue doing what they are doing this is going to be one heck of a series. My favorite part was when Ahsoka and Vader felt each other's presence causing Ahsoka to pass out. They are aware of each other and everyone knows there will have to be some sort of battle between the master and apprentice and when it happens it's going to be EPIC!!! This episode was just a sneak preview as the rest of the season doesn't started until October.  I can't wait!!!  

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