Sunday, July 26, 2015

Brunch, Grocery Shopping & A Lazy Day

After workout, as we usual do on Sunday, a group of us headed out to brunch. Instead of Hungry Fox which is always busy and has extremely slow service we opted to go to Corky's. We always find seating right away but depending on how busy they are it can take a while to get food their as well. Joining us for brunch were the regulars Derek, Lauren and I, then the semi-regulars Josh, Brett and Mel and then the noobie Ty. We had a lot of fun as these brunches are always fun. They had on the Cross-fit games so we got a kick out of watching these ladies do some crazy things and sympathizing with them.

I got home from brunch around 2pm and rested for a few hours before heading out to Ralphs to do some much needed grocery shopping. I tried to shop healthier as I'm going to try and lose some more weight in August as both June and July saw no actual weight lose.

Spent the rest of the day doing nothing and it was awesome.. well not nothing, I started to watch a new Syfy show called Killjoys that I had recorded. I had seven episode on my Tivo so I gave it a shot. Gonna post my thought/review in my next blog post so check it out.

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