Friday, July 31, 2015

Con Man Trailer & Exploding Kittens

I don't know how I missed this but Con Man trailer was released during San Diego Comic Con and I'm just now seeing it today. If you haven't heard of Con Man it's a Web series created by Alan Tudyk who plays an actor from a canceled cult sci-f show who becomes a tragi-comic figure, increasingly in the shadow of his more successful former costar (portrayed by Nathan Fillion!!!). It was an indiegogo campaign that I almost contributed to but even without my help it raised 3.1 million dollars, that's 735% over their goal... it was crazy. Well needless to say the series is being made and will premiere on Vimeo in October. I knew there were going to be alot of guest stars from the Whedon verse but I had not idea just how many. Watch the trailer below and see.

I'm happy to say that I finished editing the Willow Podcast for the Treks in Sci Fi podcast this Sunday. It took me 3 days and a few hours of late nights but it's done. I'm very happy with the final results and I'll be sure to post a link when it's released on Sunday... just in case you'd like to listen.

During the evening I went to NerdStrong Game Night. It's always a blast playing board and card games with fellow NerdStrongers. Today we were fortunate enough to play a brand new game that's sweeping the geek world called Explosives Kittens. I had never heard of this game but I guess it was the most successful gaming campaign on Kickstarter, raising 8.7 million dollars.

It was actually a fun card game. I played six rounds along with a few rounds of Cockroach Poker. Overall it was another fun NerdStrong game night.

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