Thursday, July 30, 2015

DubSmash Battle Continues, Lava Short & Sherlock Pop! Figures

So I thought the DubSmash war between Team Carter and Team Shield was over.. but that's not the case. Announced today there is a new challenge being thrown down but this time it's for charity. It hasn't started yet but when it does I'm sure I'll be blogging about it.. so stay tuned.

Since I saw Inside Out at a PGA screening I did not have the pleasure of seeing the Pixar short "Lava" before the movie. But today Disney's Movie app released it for free so I was able to watch it and I have to say this is my favorite short Pixar has done so far and that's saying alot since all the Pixar shorts are pretty amazing. I loved the song, the story, the animation, the entire thing. It brought me to tears. The idea that this lonely volcano sings this song of loneliness and love for hundreds of years slowly dying and come to find out that there is a female volcano under the water listening to him sing for hundreds of years wanting the same thing. And then when he finally is about to die she springs up from the water only to not see him because he's on her backside then he goes completely down and they are alone again. My heart sank.. I thought there is no way they can end this short like this.. and honestly I should have known better.. I mean it's Pixar and Disney and their stories always end happy so when she started to sing that re-ignited his Lava (Love) and he rose from the water and they are finally together.

I think this short touched me so much because I can identify with the volcano's song of loneliness and love, let's just hope it doesn't take me hundreds of thousands of years to find someone to Lava.

I can't add the movie to this blog as it's only available on the Disney App at the  moment but you can listen to the song which is just so sweet.

And the final thing I want to share with you guys are some awesome Funko Pop! figures from the TV series Sherlock. 

I'm a big fan of these Pop Figures and own quite a few of them but there are hundreds and though I would love to have them all costs and space is a real issue. These are also the only figures that I actual take out of the packaging and display. But with that said this series of Sherlock figures are going to be a must buy for me. And if they every come out with Downton Abbey Pop figures I'm domed. You can check out this article that my friend Bonnie Burton wrote for CNET HERE. It has all the information and picture of the various figures.

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