Thursday, July 30, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Bench Press' and WallBalls

Strength day today and we are continuing with our three week Bench Press workouts. Next week will be doing our one rep max but today after the warm up we set out to do 8 rounds of 3 at various weight.  We started at 60% of my max which is 180 lbs, so 60% is 115 lbs, then 70% which is 125 lbs, next was 80 % at 145 and then 85% at 155 lbs before dropping down to 65% so 120 lbs, and working our way back up 75% which is 135 lbs, then 85% at 155% and the final set is at 90% which is 165 lbs.

I'm not a huge fan of bar work but of all the bar work that we do at NerdStrong, Bench Press' are my favorite. It only took a few classes before I got the form down and that truly is half the battle. With the correct form you're able to lift more weight and build bigger muscles.

After the Bench Press we moved on to a mini workout were he had to do 5 rounds of 10x Wall Balls and 10x Knees 2 Elbows. The Wall Balls aren't bad once you get into a rhythm but the Knees 2 Elbows took some practice and after 30 or so your hands start to hurt. But over all it was a nice workout. Not to taxing which is nice after a crazy CON class on Wednesday.

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