Sunday, July 26, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Calling All Ants!!!

Today's workout was Ant-Man themed and started with a 10 minute "Time Bomb" warm up consisting of a "Cone Run". They had five cones set up each about twenty meters apart from each other. We had to run to the first cone, touch the ground and then run back to where we started, touch the ground and then run to the second cone and so on. Back and forth until we ran to the fifth cone and back. Then the next person in line would go. I was first in line (somehow) so I really didn't have anyone to watch beforehand to see how they paced themselves and I killed myself on the first few cones and really struggled to finish with a decent time... it was pretty horrible. But going first did have it's advantage as I got to rest the longest before starting the main workout.

Speaking of the main workout today's was a station workout in groups.. first of all I love station workouts and I love group workouts so this was win win for me. When we saw that we are being grouped into teams of 3 Lauren, Derek and I looked at each other with a nod that we were going to be a team but the coaches squashed that idea by making us count off. I was number 3 and joined fellow number 3's, coach Seely and Mike.

For the workout itself there were seven station, station 1 - 10 Cal Row, station 2 - 10x Kettlebell Deadlift, station 3 - 10x Kettlebell Swings, station 4 - 10x Ring Rows, station 5 - 10x Box Jumps, station 6 - 10x Sit Ups and station 7 10x Push Ups. While one person from your team is doing the exercise a second person is doing an overhead hold with a weighted plate (25lbs) and the third person rests and then we rotate and keep rotating until the 3 minutes is up.

Since we were group 3 we started with station 3 so that meant 10x Kettlebell Swings. I as glad to get these over as I still worry about pulling my back (as I had done in the past). Next was the Ring Rows and this is one of my favorite exercise so I didn't have a problem with this, though I did get a little sloppy towards the end which coach Christy quickly corrected. Next was Box Jumps and I had done something to my upper right leg during that "cone run" so doing these box jumps I wasn't as light on my feet as I usual am but I manged to get through them with very little discomfort. We then moved to Sit Ups. I am now back pad and steel weight for the feet free, which is a big deal but I do them very slowly, not my favorite thing to do. We then did Push Ups and this is where I shined. I love doing push up and have the form down pretty good. Next was the rowing which wasn't that bad though burning 10 calories can take a bit of time. And our final station was Kettlebell Deadlifts which were okay. I was spent by the end but still managed to get a few rounds of these in before time was up.

Overall I was happy with my performance, it's always intimidating workout with one of the coaches as your teammate. But overall I think my team did pretty well. Another fun "themed" workout.

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