Saturday, August 1, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Monster of a Workout

Today was a monster of a workout, after a quick warm up we went into our main workout. It had a 40 minute cap on it and there was alot to do.

We started in heats since we only have so many rowers and I was part of the first heat. We had to do a 50 Cal Row, which can take a few minutes on the Rower. I noticed that height really does matter when it comes to rowing. The person next to me was about six or seven inches taller then me and was moving much faster in his Calorie count then I was. But I guess there are advantages and disadvantages in all exercises.

After the row was had to go do a 50x Walking Lunge. These can be rough on my knees but today they weren't so bad. Next was a 250 meter run, when I got back I had to do 50x Air Squats, I love air squats so these weren't an issue for me. I then did another 250 meter run before coming back into the gym and doing 50x 1 Arm Kettlebell Press (so 25 each arm). Once I got the form down with some help from coach Andrew these weren't to bad. I did another 250 meter run before doing 50x Deficit Push Ups. Now if you're a regular reader of my blog you know I love push ups, I'm good at them and have the form down pretty good but these were a killer. What these are, are regular push ups but you have your hands on two elevated items (we used weights) and then when you went down you go below your hands. I manged to do 25 of those before scaling down to a regular push up and finished off the other 25.

Once again I did a 250 meter run before starting Pull Ups. Since I can only do two pull ups I did slow releases instead. So I would jump and get my chin above the bar (with the help of a box) and then slowly let myself go down. I actually did 50 of these and then realized that I was only suppose to do 30... oh well.. extra. I did another 250 meter run before doing 30x Toes 2 Bar, these are tough and especially after that workout. You're arms are like jelly but you push yourself to your limits to finish and speaking of finishing I finally did the final 250 meter run around the parking lot and with that I was done.

I was exhausted but I'm happy to say that I finished within the 40 minute time limit.. 

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