Friday, September 18, 2015

Disneyland - Dapper Day

Today is Dapper Day at Disneyland. What is Dapper Day you ask.. well it's the the brain child of Justin Jorgensen, Dapper Day is a twice-yearly event at Disney Parks wherein guests are encouraged to look their best, in whatever vintage tradition happens to be their cup of tea. Attendees aren’t limited to a single period to draw inspiration from, but rather are encouraged to let the various retro designs of the Parks inspire their attire. The only rule is to be chic, stylish, well-coiffed, intentional–dapper.

I had never heard of this before but several friends from NerdStrong were talking about it and made plans to attend. I was fortunate to be ask to join in the fun and after talking to my boss I was able to get the day off and thanks to my best bud Chris I had a military pass with a few more days on it so I was good to go. 

I spent a good hour trying on various combinations of clothing trying to look my best. I wound up going with some grey slacks, white dress shirt with red pin strips, black suspenders, wine color bow tie and wine color vest with my fancy Captain America pocket watch.. oh and my vintage type hat. I thought I was looking quite dapper. I joined Anne, Christine and Leo to car pool to Disneyland and they ladies agreed that I looked better without the vest and showing off the suspenders (which I liked as well). So the vest and pocket watch came off and my look was complete.

We headed to Disneyland, parked and made out way into the park. It wasn't super crowded when we got there and it looked like California Adventures was less crowded so we started there. Our first ride was on Radiator Springs Racers and then we made our way over to The Little Mermaid ride (one of my favorites). There were quite a few others dressed for Dapper Day but we'd get the occasional question of why is everyone dressed this way. After Little Mermaid we headed over to Toy Story Mania. This was Leo's first time on this ride which always makes it more enjoyable.

The four of us grabbed a bite to eat and rested for a bit before moving on. We headed to Monsters Inc ride and met up with another NerdStronger also named Anne who joined our party. After Monsters Inc we went to Carthay Circle to have lunch and meet up with the remaining members of our Dapper party, Lauren, Liz and Andrew.

Lunch was a bit prices but the food was pretty amazing and the company was priceless. After lunch we headed over to Disneyland. Now Disneyland was packed, we roamed for a bit before heading over to get our pictures with the Princess'. I had never done this before but it's something that Andrew and Liz enjoyed doing. And I actually had a great time as we got some great pictures with Snow White, Cinderella and my favorite Belle.

Afterwards we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain but it was closed, as well as Pirates. Our next stop was The Haunted Mansion, especially now that it's decked out for Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas themed).  But the line for that as over an hour wait and we really didn't want to wait that long. As we were walking by the Indiana Jones ride it re-opened and we pretty much just walked right on to that ride. We then grabbed some Dole Whip (a must) and headed out of the park. It was around 7pm but we had been there since 9am and were pretty beat. A few of the posse stuck around but Anne, Leo, Christine and I were done for the day and headed back.

Today was an amazing day. I got to spend it at one of the happiest places on Earth with people who I just adore and to top it off we were all decked out to the nines. Definitely gonna have to do another Dapper Day in the future... good times!!

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