Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Circuit Work

Today started with a crazy warm up. We had to do each of these movements for an entire minute, which doesn't sound like much but it really is when you're in the middle of it. We had to do one minute of Lateral Neck Rolls, Shoulder Rolls, Wring the Towel, Seated Windshield Wipers (which are horrible), Bootstrappers and finally Squats to Walk-Out.

Now that we are exhausted from the warm up we move on to this crazy "Circuit" workout. This was broken down into pods and each pod had three movements we had to do. We started with pod A which consisted of a :30 second Plank, then moved on to :30 seconds of T Push-Ups and then 1 minute of Kettlebell AB Extensions. We got a minute rest before moving on to pod B and do :30 seconds of Mountain Climbers, then :30 seconds of Spiderman Push-Ups and then 1 minute of Straight Leg Raises. Another minute rest and then pod C, :30 seconds of Sparwls, then :30 seconds of Wide Grip Push-Ups and then 1 minute of Inch Worms. Minute rest then pod D, :30 seconds of Striders, :30 seconds of Diamond Push-Ups and then 1 minute of Kettlebell Sit-Ups. Next was pod E and :30 seconds of Air Squats, then :30 seconds of Wide to Narrow Push-Ups and then 1 minute of Bicycles.

Once we were done we had to do it all over again.. the entire circuit for a second time. This time around those minute rests started to feel like just a few seconds. And to top it all off we had a finisher. We had to do 8 rounds of :15 seconds of work, :15 seconds of rest of Burpees. Coach Andrew gave us a goal to do at least three within those :15 seconds. Though exhausted I'm happy to say that I did 5 the first 2 rounds, then I did 3 the next four and I pushed myself to do 5 for the final two rounds.

Though this workout was tough and exhausting, I really enjoyed it. I like these kinds of workouts as they look daunting at first when you start and in the middle you might want to die but when you finish and you look back at what you just did.. there's no better feeling.

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