Wednesday, September 16, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Row, Run, Row!!

Today's CON day is made up of two of Coach Blair's favorite things... Rowing and Running, though coach Blair isn't coaching today.. instead we have coach Kimi. But before we did the workout we had this crazy mini-workout or as they like to call it "Warm Up"

We had to do two rounds of 10x Lemon Squeezers (more like ball squeezers.. I hate these), 5x Wall Squats, 10x Prisoner Squats (:30 second hold on final drop), 10x Leg Sweeps up and down and finally 10x Leg Sweets left and right.

We then moved on to the main workout. It was 6 rounds of :30 Row Sprints where we had to row as fast as possible. Rested for 4 minutes, then 6 rounds of :30 seconds of Running, we didn't sprint but they wanted us to run as quickly as possible. We then rested another 4 minutes before doing the final part of the workout.. a Team Relay Row, we had to row 3000 meters combined.
Since we have more people then rowers we rowed in waves. I was part of the first wave so I would do my first :30 second row sprint and then someone else would do their first sprint and we'd go back and fourth until the six rounds were done. It didn't really get bad until the fourth or fifth sprint, that's when your numbers start rising meaning your rowing slower... but I did my best to keep the same speed for all six rounds.

For the running part we all started with a nice brisk run and when you're running those thirty seconds feel like an hour but when the coach yelled rest we had to do an active rest which meant we either jogged or walked but they didn't want us to stop moving. And then those thirty seconds felt like 2 seconds. We then ran for another thirty seconds.. Again like with the rowing you really start feeling it on the fourth or firth run but I'm happy to say I kept my same pace for each run.

After a much needed rest we got into groups of three for the 3000 meter team relay row. My team agreed to row 500 meters each, two times to achieve the 3000 meters total. Rowing 500 meters isn't bad.. it only starts to burn at meter 300 but you just focus and force yourself to continue.. luckily I had a few minutes break between 500 meters rows.. that little rest helps a great deal.

Thanks coach Kimi for another awesome workout.

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