Sunday, September 13, 2015

MASH Podcast, Magic and Laundry

Went to the 9am NerdStrong class today so I could get home in time to grab a bite to eat before sitting down with my buddy Meds (Al had to cancel) and record six new episodes for my MASH 4077 Podcast. Out of all my podcasts that I do this one is the most constant. I have released 2 episodes a month (1st and 15th) for four and a half years, never missed a single episode. We are almost done with season five and still have six more seasons to go meaning another five or six years of podcasting. I wanna thank my co-hosts Meds and Al for being awesome as this podcast wouldn't have succeeded or been as much fun without you to.

Liz hated when I played my Terra Stomper
After recording the podcast I headed back to NerdStrong as they were having a Magic The Gathering game day. I've only played a few times so I still consider myself a noob and my Magic nemesis Liz was there so we played a few rounds for a few hours. She killed me 4 games to 1 but it was a blast.

After Magic I headed back home, sorted my laundry and headed out to the laundromat. While there my buddy Dallas came over to hang and grab a bite next door at The Habit. It's always fun having some one on one times with friends. Dallas and I always have some amazing conversations. We also talked about my D&D character Dash as I have opted out of the next adventure but we wanted to keep my character up to date for if and when I return to the game.

Overall it was a good Sunday. I got some errands done, played some games and hung out with a friend.

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  1. So I see here that Al had to cancel, but he hasn't been on for a while. I also noticed the image change. I'm hoping there wasn't a falling out, because I enjoyed it when all of you were on together.