Thursday, September 17, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Atlas Unleashed

Today's workout was titled ATLAS Unleashed. It was broken down into three parts.. Arms, Legs and Shoulders.

We started with a nice warm up.. lot's of stretching before moving on to the first part of our three part workout.

"Arms"... 4 rounds of 10x Heavy Dumbbell Bench Press, then 10x Heavy Dumbbell. We teamed up as we didn't have enough benches for everyone so I teamed up with my buddy Derek. These were "heavy" versions so we went above our usual weight. I found out that I could bench press a heavier weight then curl. We rested in-between rounds as the other person did their set. I did pretty good with the heavier weight but the fourth round was a bit of a struggle, especially the curls.

Part two of three "Legs"... Front Squats, we had to do 5 reps working to our "not quite one rep max". So we started with 5 reps, then 3, then 1, 1 and 1. I teamed up with my buddy Derek again as we are about the same height and can squat the same weight.

After doing those Front Squats we did 4 rounds of 3x Front Squats at 80%, then 5x Box Jumps (As high as possible). For these box jumps I attempted to jump my highest, that's by putting the box up on end. I don't know the exact height but it's more then half my body length. I did the jump with ease, it really is a mind game, getting over the fear that you will hit the box is the toughest part. Once you do that it's not that bad.

Finally...part three of three "Shoulders"... Class ended but a few of us stuck around to do the finisher, which was 3 rounds of :30 seconds of work / :30 seconds rest for Dumbbell Strict Press. At first I chose a much to heavy weight and was struggling to get those weights up over my head but once I dropped the weight down the other two rounds were more successful.

Thanks coach Christy!!

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