Sunday, September 13, 2015

NerdStrong - Lightside vs Darkside

I'm doing they 9am class this morning as I have to record a podcast at noon so my usual 10am class would be cutting it to close. So for today's workout it's a NerdStrong favorite "DeathStar" I've done this workout in the past and it's tough but super fun.

After a nice warm up we were broken into Rebels and Empire. Coaches use to just have us count off but to many people would complained about the side they were on so now they ask which side you prefer and those who don't care even out the teams.

I of course am always on the lightside. We are broken into teams of two.. I teamed up with someone I didn't know. Our goal was to do 200 Wallballs between the two of us. While one person is doing the wallballs the other person is doing Slamball Sit Ups, Slamball Push Ups, Slamball Twists and finally just plain ol' Slamball. Depending on where you were in the number of Wallballs would determine what Slamball workout you did. 0 to 50 you did Slamball Sit Ups, 51 to 100 you did Slamball Push Ups, 101 to 150 you did Slamball Twists and 151 to 200 you did Slamballs.

My partner and I tried various numbers of wallballs but in the end we did about 10 each going back and forth until we got all 200 of them done.

If a team from the Rebels sides finished first then everyone gets a go and try and blow up the Deathstar (by throwing a slamball into a large tire from 20 feet away). If the Empire wins they fend off the Rebels and the Deathstar survives to blow up another planet.

Well the Empire won this time but just for fun they allowed to to see if we could blow up the Deathstar. Out of the six people who tried I think only one succeeded.

Overall another fun workout, we had a good amount of "new" members trying out the gym today. Hopefully some of them will become regulars... May the Force Be With You!!

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