Saturday, September 19, 2015

Firefly Re-Watch

Today I headed over to my buddy John's place to watch Firefly. John is a fellow NerdStronger and we see each other at the Gym (well not as of late now that he is doing the Thor project) but I wanted to hang out with him outside the gym and what better way to do this but to watch a series we both love... Firefly!!!

John has a lovely wife Lauren and one of the cutest babies around Neil (who I got to play with for a bit.. he seemed to like me). But with all that family stuff his free time is very limited. But he managed to carve out a few hours for us to hang and watch the show. Lauren is also a fan of Firefly so she joined us on and off while tending to Neil. Neil even joined us for a bit but wasn't really into the series.. at least not yet. :)

John made us some home made pizzas... from scratch... and they were great!!! We started at the beginning and watch Episode 1 "Serenity". We both agree we have no idea what Fox was thinking by asking Joss and company to do a new pilot for this series. Serenity is the perfect way to set up this verse. We then moved on to episode 2 "The Train Job" which was the actual first episode that aired. And though the episode is good and kind of sets up the worlds it's not Serenity. The final episode for today was episode 3 "Bushwhacked". One of the darker episodes with the little more background about the Reavers. There's alot of humor among all the darkness.. just the way Joss likes it. 

After Bushwahacked we called it a day as John had to get back to his family duties. Hopefully will be able to pick up where we left off in a month or so and get a few more episodes under our belt. Thanks John for your hospitality, delicious pizza and great geeky company... until next time... stay Shiny!!!

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