Saturday, March 28, 2015

Another Potter Podcast & NerdStrong Movie Night

I got home from the gym and had just a half hour to get ready to record another podcast for Treks in Sci Fi. Rico and I continue looking at the Harry Potter book and movie series. Today's podcast covered Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This is probably my favorite of the books and I really enjoyed this movie as this is when the look of the films took a much darker and more realistic take. Rico and I recorded for just over two hours and had a great time discuss this book/film. I'll have it all edited up and it should be posted towards the end of April and as you all know I'll mentioned it again on my blog when it's released.

During the evening I headed back to NerdStrong Gym, not to work out but for movie night. Tonight we are watching my favorite of the Alien movies... Aliens. This is my first movie night at NerdStrong as the last movie night when they watched The Last Starfighter landed on my D&D night so I couldn't go. So I was looking forward to this. I brought my comfy chair (which everyone commented on), some snacks to share as well as a whole cooked chicken (it was my dinner). Around 20 people showed up, found a place to cope a squat and the movie began. We watched the directors cut of the movie, which I've only seen once. The biggest difference that I noticed was the entire "colony" scene where we are introduced to Newt and her family and the beginning of the outbreak on the planet.

I wasn't sure if this was going to be in the style of Mystery Science 3000 with folks chatting and commenting to what is happening on screen, but for the most part it was silent and everyone was focused on the movie. Of course all of Hudsons one liners got a huge laughs, as they always do. It was an enjoyable evening of snacks, aliens & friends. Now I get to look forward to tomorrows workout which will be Aliens themed... can't wait!!

Oh and I want to mention my friend Erin wore this amazing Ahsoka Tano outfit to the screening.. she looked great. We're both HUGE fans and enjoy talking Ahsoka when we can.

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