Monday, March 23, 2015

New Agents of SHIELD

I skipped my run this morning as I picked up my friends Robert and Cait last night. They were due to fly into LAX at 11:45 but instead didn't get in until 12:45am and weren't off the plane until 1am. Needless to say when I got home and in bed it was 2am and there was no way I was going to get up at 7am and go for a jog. So I took the day off.

When I got home from work I watched a few TV shows that I had put off watching as I usual watch them with my buddy Erik. He has been in Florida the past few weeks so we have a build up of shows to watch. Tonight we watched the last two episode of Agents of SHIELD. 

We started with S2 Ep 12 "Who You Really Are" Coulson and the team help Lady Sif, who lost her memory after a fight with a mysterious warrior.

It was great to see Lady Sif again, she's always a favorite of mine and I'm happy to get a bit more information about the Kree and Inhumans. I love that they didn't keep the "will the team find out about Skye" storyline going for more then an episode. And I really enjoyed how everyone reacted to the news.. especially May. She's very protective of Skye and she was about to take on an Asgardian to protect her. I'm happy to see that Simmons is softening a bit towards the "them" and "us" mentality. I want a resolution to this Mack and Bobbi storyline. We learned they most certainly were not Hydra, even as their secrecy and intensity, and belief that whatever they’re doing will likely turn everyone against them, raised lots of intriguing questions. I can't wait to see what that is all about and hopefully that will be soon.

Overall it was an enjoyable episode, we got lots of information about who and what these inhumans are and why they were created. We got a few twists and turns and I'm very happy that the core group of characters are sticking together.

And then we watched S2 Ep 13 "One of Us" Cal assembles a team of gifted individuals from SHIELD's Index that include Angar the Screamer and KF Gideon, to get revenge on Coulson. Meanwhile, May calls on her SHIELD ex-husband Dr. Garners - a therapist who may be able to help Skye understand and control her gift.

This was a wild episode, Cal is so crazy and he gather some crazy people to hang with. Those this storyline was the main one I was happy with the b-story with Mack and Bobbi and us finally finding out who they are working for, though this brought up more questions then answers. Who is this "Real" SHIELD. An interesting turn for Skye and controlling her powers. I like that we get a little bit more info about Agent May and her personal life. I liked how Fitts and Simmons slipped back into their fun banter like it was before his accident.

Another enjoyable episode, I can't wait to find out more about these "mysterious" other "inhumans". I love the effects used for the teleporter.  I look forward to seeing the growth of Skye and her powers. And of course who these "real" SHIELD people are.

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