Sunday, March 22, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Pillage and Plunder, Viking Workout

I love Sundays at NerdStrong Gym

Today's themed workout is titled "Viking"

This is an older workout so some folks have done this workout before, though I did hear this one was modified and is not as crazy as the last Viking workout.

The warm up was a workout unto itself. We had to do 7 Wall Squats, Run a 140 meters, 7 Sit Ups, 7 Lunges and then 7 PVC Dislocates. We had to do this as many times in 8 minutes. I manged to do it almost four times.

Now that we were thoroughly exhausted the actual workout could begin. Coach David was teaching the class with help from coach Christy. David is awesome and really gets into the themed workouts.

He explained that we are Viking about to pillage a village. We first have to row 500 meters to the shoreline, then we had to grab a weapon (clubs or maces) and then run 500 meters (two laps around the parking lot) to get to the village. Once there you took a mace and started attacking people, 50 to be exact. This was taking a mace and slamming it down on a large tire. We then grabbed a boulder  (Slamball) and for good measures smashed their heads in. This was taking a Slamball and doing 50 Slamball drops. We then had to grab a fallen comrade (weighted Sandbag) and run those 500 meters back to the boat and drop the body in the waiting Funeral Pyre (large tire).

We did it in waves of three people and I was part of wave two with Derek and Miles. I'm happy to say that I finished pretty strong. It was tough but once you find your grove you just do it and try not to let the pain get to you. Afterwards it only took me a few minutes to recover and I was good to go.

Themed workouts are my favorite of all the workouts. Yes they are usually harder but also alot of fun as well. I want to Thank David and Christy for the awesome coaching job and congrats Lauren for completing her first Sunday themed workout. Next Sunday we do an Aliens themed workout.. can't wait to see what that entails.

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