Saturday, March 28, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Rowing & Thrusters

Saturday NerdStrong class was a good one, another CON session. We started with a warm up of rowing and PVC Pass Thrus. We did 100 meters of rowing then did 10x PVC Pass Thrus and repeated it three times.

We then went over techniques for Rowing and Thrusters. For Rowing they showed us how to do a quick release from the foot bands, luckily it was something that I was already doing. And for Thrusters we went over form to ensure that we were all doing it properly.

The workout was done in heats. Since there were nine of us we were broken down into three heats. I was part of heat 3, which meant I went last. This was a consistent 8 minute workout which involved funny enough Rowing and Thrusters. We first did a 15 Calorie Row (depending on your reach that can take two to three rows per calorie), and then we had to grab either a barbell or some dumbbells (my choice) and do 15x Thrusters.

For the first round, Heat 3 were just cheerleaders, cheering on Heat 1. When Heat 2 started we became coaches and counted their reps while encouraging them. And finally it was Heat 3's turn. I actually got the furthest in my heat, I did 3 complete rounds of rowing and thrusters and then got in 8 more rows before my eight minutes was up.

I definitely pushed myself to my limit and just beyond but I felt great just a few minutes later.  Another successful and fun workout at NerdStrong gym.. Thanks Andrew

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