Tuesday, March 24, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Just The Three Of Us

It's so funny to me that I miss going to NerdStrong Gym on the days I don't go, which is Monday's and Friday's (this will be changing soon), but I never thought in a million years I'd anticipate going to the gym with such excitement.

When I woke up today I was super excited that today was Tuesday because that means NerdStrong Gym day!!!

When I arrived I noticed that coach Blair was teaching class today. I also noticed that I was the only person there for the 7am class. Luckily just before 7 two more people arrived so we were a team of three.

We started with a Jump Rope warm up. We did 10 jumps, then 20, then 30 and so on up to 50 jumps and then we made our way back down to 10. It wasn't timed, we just have to complete it. By the end of the warm up we jumped rope 250 times.

Now for the workout, this was broken down into four different things and from the looks of it we weren't going to get everything done. The 6am class only got through the first two things and I figured we'd probably do the same. We started with 5 rounds of 6x Weighted Box Step-Overs followed by 1x Wall Walk. Before we started these we went over both things.. the Box Step Overs are pretty self explanatory. You hold kettle bells in your hands and then step up on to the box and step down on the other side of the box, we had to do this three times for a total of six step ups. The Wall Walks is exactly what you expect with a name like Wall Walk. You start by lying on the floor with your feet up against the wall, you then literally walk yourself up the wall and start to climb until you are doing a handstand against the wall. I actually took to these extremely fast. I got up with no assistance the first time. I think it helps that I have a bit of upper body strength.

Once we were done with our 5 rounds we moved on to our next set of workouts. Since there were only three of us Blair gave us the option of which set we wanted to do. The consensus was the third workout which consisted of 12x Sit Ups, 10x Push Ups and 8x Dumbbell Thrusters. We had to do four rounds of each. These are basic moves but after a while it get's tough and I was super happy when we finished.

As predicted we didn't have time for any more workout, our hour had concluded. It was nice having a smaller class as it felt like we were getting a one on one session with the coach. We took our time to learn each move and coach Blair made sure we were doing it properly. It was also fun to see coach Blair so excited when we accomplished a task that we had never done before for the first time. His enthusiasm transferred into us and made us feel great.  Thanks coach Blair for all your awesomeness and encouragement... it's much appreciated.

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