Sunday, March 22, 2015

D&D / Pathfinder - Trapped in a Room

After my workout I had a few hours to watch some TV and eat some lunch before heading to D&D / Pathfinder. Several of the players were not joining us today and that always makes it more difficult when it comes to battles. We ended our last session entering a room that had the two men that we were looking for but they erected a wall of zombies and were using magic to protect themselves.

As this session started the door closed behind us, locked and a force field of sorts went up around the room making sure we couldn't get out. One of their first spells was a silencing spell, so none of us could talk which meant none of the spell casters (including me, DASH) could cast spells rendered us pretty much useless. We then spent the next five hours in that room, knocking down zombies, doing a bit a damage to the two main guys but then they would just heal each other and revive the zombies again and again and again.

Finally with just a few minutes left in the session and on round 8 the silence spell went down. I was able to cast one spell that didn't seem to do much damage. We managed to blow up a zombie orge and our leader (Ginnon) and second in command (Phlige) managed to switch bodies. And the session was over.

This session was different then all the other sessions that came before it as this is the first time that we never made it out of the room that we started in. The entire session took place in that room and will continue at the beginning of our next session. It was a frustrating for Dash as he couldn't really do much, since he couldn't cast any spells and his dagger (at most causes 6 hp of damage), it was also difficult to move around in that room as it was small and there were a ton of people/zombies in there.

Hopefully we can finish off this battle early on during our next session so we can move on and get out of this room.

I want to thank Dallas, our DM who always does an amazing  job with every session.

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