Thursday, March 26, 2015

Downton To End, Alien Nation Reboot & Con Crazies

So I've been hearing rumors the past few weeks that season/series six of Downton Abbey will be the last season/series. I kept saying that I won't believe it until it's official.. well it's official. Season/Series 6 will be the final visit with the Crawleys. I am extremely disappointed that they have decided to end the series. It's one of my favorites and a series I can watch over and over again, in fact I have watched the first five seasons over and over again. I know they are currently filming season/series six so hopefully will get some closure with these characters. I expect several weddings or at least engagements. I guess I should be thankful that we got / will get six amazing seasons. It will be sad saying goodbye to this family.

There have been rumors of Fox resurrecting Alien Nation, as a movie or as a new TV series. Well it looks like rumors are abound once again and Fox is looking into rebooting the movie. Only time will tell if it actually happens or not. If it does it will be interesting to see how they go about rebooting it.

So we got the results of the SDCC hotel lottery and I didn't get anything. So I had to wait and see if any of my friends got anything. And luckily they did.. my buddy Robert got a room and not only a room but it's at a hotel that is only 3 blocks from the convention center (it's the closest that I have ever stayed), so as of right now things are looking up for SDCC hotel rooms.

And in other Convention news I finally got my Star Wars Celebration badges. This has been an ordeal as I changed my address on their website but it didn't seem to work as they sent the badges to my old home address. Luckily I'm still in contact with the owners of my former house so I was able to email him and ask him to keep an eye out for it. I also contacted SW Celebration and they said there wasn't much they could do since the badges were already sent out. They did say that if I didn't get them a week before the con to contact them. Well a few days ago I got an email informing me that the badges could not be delivered and returned. They asked for my new address, which I gave them and today they arrived in my mail box.

I don't know what it is but I seem to have a "con" curse this year. Everything seems to workout in the end man is it a roller coaster of a ride to get to it.

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