Friday, March 27, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Open Gym

Today is my first Friday workout at NerdStrong Gym, it's an open gym session and I want to start working on building up my chest and back. Being short and stocky has some benefits, like a "barrel" chest. My chest has always been large and I also have a somewhat "V" shape to my body. I just want to enhance what I already have and really define the "V".

I spoke with coach Blair and he created a personal workout routine for me.  It started with 5 Reps for 5 Rounds of Dumbbell Rows, but unlike the other dumbbell rows that I have done for previous classes he had me do these from a bench instead of on the floor.

I then moved on to Bar Pull Ups and again I did 5 Reps for 5 Rounds. These were tough but man do you feel them working the back muscles.

I then did 10 Reps for 5 Rounds of something called Supermanz. And they pretty much are what they sound like. You lay on the ground and lift your head and shoulder off up while simultaneously lifting your legs and feet off the ground. This seems easy at first but when your on round 4 you really start to feel it.

And the final thing I did was Bench Press, these I did will fellow workout buddy Josh, we did 8 reps at a light weight, then 5, then 3, then 2 and finally 1 at our heaviest weight. I set a new record for me for Bench Press. I managed to do a press at 175 lbs.

Overall I was very happy with this workout.. Thanks coach Blair for creating it and I look forward to continuing my Friday Open Gym Workouts.

NerdStrong Six Days A Week!!!

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