Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lunch w/Friends & Watching The Flash

After the Aliens workout Andrew S., Derek, Liz, Lauren and I went to a local diner (Hungry Fox) to grab some breakfast, well at the time it was breakfast but after waiting a while to get seating and then waiting for our food it was lunch time. Though the other four got breakfast I decided to get some lunch. It was fun hanging with these guys as we are normally just being tortured at the gym when we hang out so it was fun  hanging out, outside of the gym. The food and service was really good but it's not a place that you want to eat if you are in a hurry... though when we left around 1pm it looked like their were tables to be had so maybe it's just a very popular breakfast joint.

Got home around 2 and hooked up online with my buddy Erik so we could watch a few episodes of Flash that we had recorded from previous weeks. We watched S1 Ep 15 "Out of Time" & S1 Ep 16 "Rogue Time".

Synopsis for episode 15 - Mark Mardon, who has the ability to control the weather, returns to Central City to avenge the death of his brother Clyde and sets his sight on Joe. Cisco begins to believe Joe was right about Wells, so he rechecks the containment field that had failed to hold the Reverse-Flash. He discovers that the Reverse-Flash seen in the containment field was only a hologram. Wells arrives and reveals himself to be Eobard Thawne, a man from the future who came back in time to kill Barry but killed his mother instead, and has since been stranded in the present day. Wells also explains that he is pushing Barry to get stronger so that he can use Barry's powers to return to his time, and he murders Cisco to protect his secret. Mark kidnaps Joe and forces him to watch as Mark sends a tsunami into the city in order to kill Iris. Barry is forced to reveal his secret identity to Iris, just after she admits to romantic feelings for him, in order to save the city. Barry runs back and forth across the coastline to create a barrier against the tsunami, but he runs so fast that he creates a time warp and travels back in time to when Mark first returned to Central City.

I watched this episode and my jaw dropped with every twist and turn... Everything is revealed.. I kept thinking to myself.. OMG this is a game changer. And then moments later.. OMG they just killed Cisco.. and then OMG the Captain just sacrificed himself for Joe and btw he's gay (which I loved, of course). And then Barry reveals himself to Iris that he's The Flash.. my mind was blown away by this episode.. well that was until the last five minutes when The Flash moves so fast he throws himself back in time to the previous day so none of what we just saw happened. I mean I was disappointed because this was such a HUGE game changer of an episode but it's all for nothing. Moving onto the next episode.

Synopsis for episode 16 - As Barry begins to relive the previous day, Dr. Wells realizes what happened and warns Barry not to change any event for fear that he will create a bigger problem as the universe balances itself. Barry does not listen and instead captures Mark Mardon before he can kidnap Joe. Meanwhile, Leonard Snart and Mick Rory return to Central City. Leonard sends his sister Lisa after Cisco, whom they force to rebuild the cold and heat guns, and a third gun for Lisa that turns people into gold, under threat that they will kill Cisco's brother. Barry realizes that Dr. Wells was right, and his actions have resulted in Cisco's kidnapping and Iris rejecting his romantic advances. Cisco returns and reveals that Leonard tortured his brother until Cisco revealed the Flash's true identity. Barry goes after the Snarts, and the two develop an uneasy truce: Snart will not reveal Barry's identity, will no longer kill innocent people, and stay away from Barry's friends in exchange for Barry not locking him away in the particle accelerator. The Reverse-Flash kills a local reporter and destroys evidence linking Dr. Wells to the death of Simon Stagg. The reporter's vanishing causes Barry to think Joe might be right about Dr. Wells.

I enjoyed this episode and watching this one helped me to not be so disappointed in the last five minutes of the previous episode. I liked where this one went. I mean I'm glad Cisco isn't dead and that the Captain is already. It was tough watching Barry be such a idiot when it came to Iris and her love for him but I did like the ending and that storyline seems to be back to normal for the time being. I'm happy to see that Barry is starting to get suspicious about Dr. Wells. I hope this storyline is resolved by the end of this season.

Overall two really good episodes, The Flash is quickly becoming "must see" TV for me. 

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