Monday, March 30, 2015

SDCC Hotel Reservation Fiasco Continues

So my SDCC hotel nightmare continues. Today is the deadline to put down a credit card number to guarantee/hold your room. I still can't do that as the website is giving me an error with my reservation number. I called last week on Friday and after being on hold for 45 minutes the person on the other end of the call was not able to help as it was an IT issue and she wasn't able to get into my reservation either. She said that she would report to IT and that it should be fixed within 24 hours.

Well it's three days later and the website/reservation is still locked and I'm not able to add my CC to my hotel room so once again I called and once again I as on hold for a half hour. When I finally got through I explained my situation to this new person, he put me on hold while he discussed it with his supervisor. Fifteen minute later he gets back on and says that there is nothing they can do at this time, they have to wait for IT to fix the page which shouldn't take more then 24 hours... yeah right.

On the plus side he did make a note not to let this reservation go due to lack of credit card. He said when they fix the issue (again with in 24 hours) I will then have 24 hours to add my credit card. So know I must wait and see if the IT department actual fixes the issue and can finally confirm my hotel reservation for San Diego Comic Con... finger crossed.

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