Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Battle Stations!!!

Today's workout is one of my favorite types of workouts. It was titled Battle Stations. And the first half consisted of six different areas with six different workouts.

I got teamed up with my friend Liz and we started in station 6, Block Taps. We had to do 3 rounds of :30 seconds of work and then :30 rest.

As I mentioned we started with Block Taps which was a nice way to start as they were just jumping up and down and tapping the top of a block. Once you got into a rhythm it wasn't that bad.

Next was station 1, Rope Climb. We actually didn't have to climb a rope instead a rope was hung over the pull up bar and a kettlebell was attached to the other then. We then had to pull the rope down hand over hand until the kettlebell hit the top of the bar. Liz took the lighter Kettlebell while I took the heavier 45lbs kettlebell. This wasn't to bad and actually a pretty cool workout.

We then moved on to station 2, Prone Wallball Toss, which is a Sit Up while holding a Wallball on your way up from the sit up you have to bounce the ball against the wall and catch it before going back down in the sit up. Once again I took the heavier of the wallballs, and it was tough making a 20lbs wallball bounce off a wall and back into my arms. I think this was the toughest workout for me.

The 3rd station as called Quasimodo. It was similar to station 1 as it too used a rope over a pull up bar with a kettlebell attacked to the other end. But instead of pulling the kettlebell up hand over hand we had to twist our body and lean and pull away from the wall, coach Andrew said it was like if you were ringing a large bell (hence the name). Also like with he rope climb I really enjoyed this one.

Station 4 was Short Wave with Battle ropes. I don't know why but I just love Battle Ropes and as the title said these were very small and short waves, coach Andrew even had some fun and put his hand over my ropes and said I want you to hit my hand, which of course I had to do.. such a great workout.

We moved on to station 5, Plate Orbits, this one looked easy as all you did was pick up a weighted plate and rotate it around your head and shoulders in one direction 5 times and then in the opposite direction 5 more times. I used a 25lbs weight and the first go round was pretty easy.

We then did it all over again and on the third round I was feeling it. Station 6 Block Taps were getting tough as I was losing steam but with the encouragement of my team mate Liz I finished and then at station 1, Rope Climbs I started to get dizzy and I could only do one pull. Station 2, Prone Wallball Toss was easier as I was lying on the ground, Station 3, Quasimodo wasn't to bad but afterwards I was feeling horrible, my blood sugar levels were dropping. I tried to do station 4, Short Wave but couldn't, instead I went outside to my car and grabbed some tangerines, which I store there for emergencies like this. I quickly ate two of them and was going to try and finish off the last station, Plate Obits but I just couldn't do it.

I sat for a good five minutes before coach Andrew went on to explain the next half of the workout. This one was also three rounds. We started with 10x (Pull Ups) Rings Rows, then 20x Sit Ups, 30x Jump Squats and then a mandatory 1 minute rest before doing 20x Kettlebell Swings and again a mandatory :30 second rest before doing it all over again.

I was feeling better as the sugars in the tangerines were kicking in so I did the first round with no issues, but on the second round I felt the dizziness return while doing the Jump Squats, but I did mange to finish the second round. The third round was nothing but a struggle. Again Ring Rows weren't that difficult and sit ups were fine as I was sitting but Jump Squats weren't happening. I sat there trying to stay conscious while everyone around me finished off the workout. I was feeling frustrated as I knew I could finish but my body wasn't going to allow me to and of course coach Andrew notice and came over to me and gave me a bit of a pep talk to lift my spirits... thanks Andrew.

So it wasn't my best workout but I did mange to do 90% and I did enjoy it until I started to feel dizzy and sick but with a ten minute rest afterwards and another tangerine I was feeling better and well enough to drive home.

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