Saturday, April 4, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - The Terrible Twos

Today I was joining the 9am class (my usual Saturday class is at 10am) but I was heading to Wondercon after the workout so I wanted to do the earlier class today and tomorrow. 

When I arrived Coach Andrew was just writing up today's workout and all I saw was a list of 2 min written 13 times and my heart sank. Of course he then went in and filled in every other one with the word "Rest" so it was going to be as bad as I initially thought.

We started with a pretty hefty warm up; 8x Iron Cross', 8x Scorpions, 6x Perfect Stretch, 6x Cross Squat and 10x Light Kettlebell Swings

We then started what would be the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad 2's.

Two minutes doesn't sounds like alot but when you're in the middle of these workouts and Andrew says "okay you're 30 seconds in" and you are already tired, is not a good sign.

We started with Air Squats which aren't bad and I don't really have any problems doing constant air squats for 2 minutes straight. We then took a 2 minute rest before getting on the ground and starting our 2 minute Plank. This on the other hand were tough, but I'm happy to say that I was in full Plank mode for the entire 2 minutes, I did drop my knees once.

Another 2 minute rest and then Kettlebell Swings. I'm a hit and miss with these. If I can get into the groove I do fine but if I can't get the hip rhythm down then I'm all kinds of crazy. After another 2 minutes rest (which feel like only seconds) we moved on to a 2 minute run but this isn't your normal run, Andrew called this a Suicide Run. He set up five cones outside all the same distance apart from each other (looked to be about 20 feet). You started at cone one and then ran as fast as possible to cone 2, bent down and touch the ground and then sprint back to cone one. You then would bend down and touch the ground before sprinting off to cone three, touch the ground and back to cone one and so on. We had to do this for 2 entire minutes. I managed to do three rounds meaning I went, 1 to 2 and back, 1 to 3, 1 to 4 and 1 to 5 three times before time ran out... I was pretty much dead after this.

But we did our mandatory 2 minute break before starting 2 minutes of Push Ups. As you know from my previous blogs I finally got the form down for push ups and I can do quite a bit but I couldn't do them for the entire 2 minutes. I'd take longer then usual breaks between every five push ups. We then rested for 2 minutes and then did 2 minutes of Sit Ups. These aren't a problem and I was able to do sit ups constantly for the entire 2 minutes. We then had our final 2 minute rest before 2 minutes of the dreaded Burpees.

It was a pretty amazing workout and we still had 15 minute of class left. Some people stretched, some just laid on the floor resting.. I had some more energy to get rid of so I did a few Battleropes. I did the double waves and then opposite waves. Coach Andrew showed me a new wave where you swing the ropes to the side like a snake and a sort of battlerope press where you lift the two ropes over your head. It was a nice little "final" workout to end a very exhausting day at the gym.

Thanks Coach Andrew for another amazing workout!!

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