Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wondercon Day 2 - Hobbiting It Up

After workouting at NerdStrong gym I headed home to shower and to Hobbit myself up as I am heading to Wondercon with fellow NerdStronger Erin and her roommate Mike. I quickly showered and then attempted to put on my Hobbit ears. It's always a hit or miss when putting on these ears. Luckily today was a hit and I got them on fairly quick. Luckily I anticipated that I would be in a hurry this morning so I did all my prep work for my wig and clothes last night before going to bed.

Once the ears were on everything else went on with very little effort. The hair is always tricky but with a bit of hair spray and styling I got it looking pretty Hobbitish. Shirt and pants went on with no issues and I don't put on my feet until I get to con as I can't drive in those things.

So I was set to go and drove over and picked up Erin and Mike from their place (they live less then a mile from me). We stopped by Starbucks, to get some breakfast before heading south to Anaheim. 

We got down to Wondercon around noon and we headed to Disneyland Toy Story parking (the same place we parked yesterday), but it was closed as in "full". We then moved on to the Garden Center and it too was full but you were able to drive in and hope someone would leave but we were in it for just a few minutes and knew this wasn't gonna happen.

After driving around for more then an hour we finally bit the bullet and decided to pay the $30 and park in the Sheraton parking lot, of course with one car in front of us the lot became full and we were turned away. Oh and did I mention that I had to pee for the past half hour so I was becoming more and more irritable. We went for one last hope and was going to see if we could park at Downton Disney or in the Disneyland main parking structure but when we got over there they had signs saying "NO Wondercon Parking". Now if I wasn't in costume we could have gotten away with it but I didn't want to take a chance so after an hour of driving around I just dropped off Erin and Mike so they could actually enjoy the con and I headed out solo to find an every elusive parking space.

I drove past the convention center hoping to find a smaller hotel that was allowing for parking and at this time I didn't care how much I had to pay. When I got about mile and a half from the convention center I decided to loop back around and head back so I turned down a side street (residential) and low and behold there was a little spot of street parking.

Now I have a small car (Ford Fiesta) and though the spot was barely the size of my car I was determined to get it in there. It took me about 10 minutes with many bumper taps going back and forth but I managed to squeeze between two other cars (and I did look at the bumpers and there was no scratches). So after an hour and a half of looking for parking I finally found one and it was free. It defiantly lighten my mood.

As I was putting on my Hobbit feet my long plastic shoe horn snapped in half and my heart sank as these feet were near impossible to put on without the help of a shoe horn. Well it wasn't a complete disaster as one of the pieces was still long enough to use and I was able to get my feet on fairly easy.

Now to put on my cape and I will be good to go... cape.. where is my cape.. guess what I left at my apartment.. my cape... I was devastated. The cape really gives me that "iconic" look of a Hobbit (well the feet actually do but the cape is a big part of it as well), but I didn't have it and there wasn't anything I could do so I went capeless.

Yes that's my brother Michael
I got to the con around 2pm and the first thing I did was pee as I had to go for the past hour. Next I met up with Erin and Mike and we walked the con floor for a bit. We parted ways as they were meeting friends and I spent the next few hours walking the con floor alone. I took a few pictures of other cosplayers but no where near as many as I usually do. I didn't really plan out my con this year. I normally don't do panels if I'm cosplaying so I didn't have a clue what was happening upstairs in the panels.

I would meet up with my brother and friends Steven and Hayden from time to time but I spent the majority of the time by myself just roaming, being a Hobbit. I did notice that I did not get as many photo requests as I have in the past and I think it's because my costume was incomplete without the cape. But I guess will find out if that's true tomorrow when I cosplay again and this time with my cape.

Towards the end of the con I hooked back up with Steven and Hayden again and for the last half hour I met up with Josh and his brother Justin and we walked the floor one last time as a group.

Afterwards I gathered up Erin and Mike and we made our way home.. once again I got home around 9pm and soon after called it a night.

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