Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Run Roh!!!

After the "low blood sugar" fiasco yesterday I made sure I had a nice big bowl of oatmeal. As I know with these "CON" classes can take a lot of stamina as they are a constant workout for a lengthy period of time.

Today's workout was called "Run Roh" And once again Coach Blair put together another crazy workout.

At first when you look at it you think that doesn't look like much but believe me it's alot. Added all together we Ran & Rowed 1500 meters each.

We first partnered up and I was teamed up with my buddy Derek once again. We were doing nothing but Running and Rowing but it was in the format of a ladder workout. We started with a 250 meter Run/Row, then 500 meter Run/Row, then 750 meter Run/Row and then started making our way back down with a 500 meter Run/Row and finally a 250 meter Run/Row. Derek and I were part of the first groups to do the workout (there were actually two groups). One person would Row while your partner would Run and then you'd switch. This was a timed event and coach Blair gave us 25 minutes to complete it.

I started with Rowing and the first 250 meters was a piece of cake. I then did my first 250 meter run (which is one time around the parking lot) but like with the rowing I was feeling great. I then started the 500 meter row and about halfway through I started to feel it. I pushed through the rest of the row and then begin my 500 meter run. It's crazy to think but the run is actually time to rest as you take it at your own pace. I didn't want to stop and walk so I continued to run/jog at a slower then usual pace. The 750 meter row was a huge hurdle to get over. I was good for about half of it and then like with the 500 meter I hit a wall and struggled to finish. Once the 750 meter row was done my legs were feeling like jelly but I now had to do the 750 meter run. Slow and steady is my plan.

Next I started down the ladder and did the 500 meter row and 500 meter run. As I was finishing the run I had about 30 seconds in the 25 minutes allotted to start my final 250 meter row. As time expired I was about 150 meters into the row and I knew the next group had to start and coach Blair even said that I needed to stop but as the next group was getting ready I pushed myself harder to finish and I did... I did the full 250 meters before the next group got started. I then finished my last 250 meter run and was feeling great. I managed to finish the entire workout in just over 27 minutes. It was a great feeling especially after yesterday failed workout. I got some high fives and well done from fellow members which is always nice. Thanks coach Blair for your continued support and encouragement.

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