Friday, April 3, 2015

NerdStrong Open Gym - Chest & Back

Today is Friday which means it's open gym at NerdStrong and we can do anything we want to. Like with last Friday's open gym I asked coach Blair to build me a workout that I could do to enhance my chest and back (I'm working on getting that "V" shape to my body). And once again Blair came up with a very fun and effective workout.

I was doing 5 reps 5 times of each of these items. I started with Ring Rows and this time my incline was extremely steep which meant I was almost lying on the floor and pulling myself up. I really enjoy Ring rows. I then did Dumbbell Upright Rows. I also feel like I get a good workout when I work with dumbbells. And then I tried something that I had never done before, Hand Release Push Ups and they are exactly what they sound like. At the bottom of a push up you remove your hand from the ground for a split second so all your weight in on your chest/stomach. Blair asked me to to 7 reps 5 times for this one.

I then went and did some Bench Press, 8 at 50% weight, 6 at 60% 4 at 70%, 3 at 80%, 2 at 90% and 1 at your Max weight. I knew my max was 175lbs and I did try to go a bit further but was unsuccessful.. my max is still 175lbs.

There was a fun moment when I was doing my bench press, friends Leonor & Corrin were doing last weeks Harry Potter workout and they were doing jumping jacks and a Michael Jackson song came on and the next thing I knew I joined in with them and did some jumping jacks to the beat of MJ.

I then finished off the workout with Dumbbell Chest Flies. These were tough as you lay back on a bench with a dumbbell in each hand and with arms slightly bent you being the dumbbells together before releasing them to each side of you.

It was another great workout, I'm debating on doing another Chest and Back next Friday or do a Battlerope workout. I was talking to Blair about how much I enjoy battleropes and he mentioned there are 15 minute workouts just for Battleropes that he can give me.. I may give them a go next week. Thanks coach Blair for another awesome workout.

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