Thursday, April 2, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - It's All About The Dudes

Today only three other guys showed up for a the 7am class, Derek, Jason S. and Jason M. And Coach Andrew was teaching so it was a sausage fest at NerdStrong Gym.

We had a good warm up and then got into a three part workout. The first part we had to do for 15 minutes. It consisted of 5x Strict Pull Ups, 12-15x Hollow Rock and 5-10x Strict Push Ups.

We went at our own pace but tried to keep it constant. Since I can only do one, maybe two strict pull ups I did the scaled down version called reverse negatives instead. That' pulling your chin up to the bar (with the help of a box) and then slowly releasing your body back down... it's tough. The hollow rock is lying on your back and contorting your body into a "C" shape and then rocking back and forth. As for strict push ups, I may not like them but I'm getting pretty good at them, at least with the form.

The second part of the workout was working with barbells and doing Back Squats. We were going for our 1 Rep Max!! But we started with 5 at about 60% weight, then 3 at 70% 2 at 90% and then 1 at your Max until you couldn't do any more.

Since I didn't have a 1 Rep Max I didn't know where to start but knew I could do quite a bit so I started at 95lbs and did 5 reps. I then added 20lbs for a total of 115lbs and did 3 reps before adding another 30lbs to make it 145lbs and doing 2 reps and then I continued to add weight until I knew I had hit my max which was 200lbs. I back squatted 200 lbs, that's just crazy. I probably could have done more but having the bar on the back of my neck was hurting and it prevented me from going any future.  Next time I'll see if I can push myself a bit more and do 205lbs.

The final part of the workout was doing Sit Ups as fast as we can in :30 seconds. We then would rest for :30 seconds and do it again three more times. The goal was to do the same amount each time. I manged to do 15 Sit Ups in :30 seconds four consecutive times for a total of 60 sit ups in 2 minutes... not bad.

Another fantastic workout at NerdStrong Gym... thanks coach Andrew.

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