Friday, April 3, 2015

Wondercon Day 1 & NerdStrong Panel

After workout I headed into work for a few hours. I had asked my boss if I could get off early so I could go to Wondercon and support NerdStrong who was having a panel at 3pm today. It was going to be slow at work anyways since it was Good Friday and most of the company was closed. I was able to get out by noon and pick up my friend and fellow NerdStrong member Erin as were car pooling together. So I picked her up and we grabbed some lunch before heading south to Anaheim.

We got down to Wondercon around 1:30ish found some parking across the street in Disneyland Toy Story parking lot. Erin was meeting up with a friend to pick up her badge while I went into the convention center to pick up my badges.

After I got my badges and met back up with Erin and the NerdStrong folks at the Starbucks in the Marriott, which happens to be where their panel was taking place. I also ran into my friend Jes who was also joining us at the NerdStrong panel. We all hung out for about a half hour before making our way to the panel room and it was packed. Erin and I managed to find a few seats in the third row. It was fun watching all the coaches (and Victoria) take their seats on the panel.

The panel started with talk of how NerdStrong Gym became what it is and where they would like to take it. They talked about the community it has created and the safe environment where anyone can come and workout with confidence. Each coach talked about their experience with NerdStrong, how they went from just a member of the gym to a coach. They really pushed the idea that is more then just a gym, it's a community of like minded geeks and nerds. We not only workout but have movie nights, games nights and other outings. It was a really great panel and really gave you a go idea of what NerdStrong means to us all. I was so happy I was able to get off work and make the panel and be there to support my NerdStrong family.

Afterwards Erin and I walked the sales floor from one end to the other. We checked all some awesome toys, artists and other geeky things. We ran into some friends here and there as well as my brother but it was pretty much just Erin and I for the entire day. The con closed at 7pm and we met back up with Jes as she was catching a ride back with us. There were folks who were going out to dinner but the three of us were tired and just decided that we were going to head straight home.

I got home around 9pm and just crashed on the couch.. I was exhausted after working out in the morning, then actually going to work for a few hours and then walking around a convention hall for five hours... I didn't stay up to late as I had to get up early tomorrow morning to workout and then head back to Wondercon for another fun filled day.

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