Sunday, April 5, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Fun with 7's

I'm so tired... workout, con, workout, con takes a toll but guess what, I'm doing it again. I couldn't pass up a "themed" workout as they are my favorite. I joined the 8am class today as my usual class is at 10am but like with yesterday I wanted to get done so I could get to Wondercon sooner.

Today's workout is based on the movies The Fast and the Furious which I have never seen but of course I'm well aware of them. This one was based on the latest movie Furious 7.

Like with yesterdays workout instead of 2's everything was 7's.

We started with a nice warm up and run. We then partnered up and like in elementary school I was left partner-less :( as we had an odd number of members today. Coach Andrew took pity on me (not really) and became my partner. We named our little duo "Da Shire"

Today's workout dealt mostly with the barbell.  Here is what we had to do. In teams of two we had to do 7x Deadlifts, then go right into 7x Hang Cleans, then directly into 7x Front Squats, then 7x Push Press, then 7x Back Squats, then 7x Barbell Push Ups and finally we ditched the barbell and did 7x Sit Ups. These were done in one continuous motion with no rest in between as it was timed. One partner would do everything and then the second person did everything. We had to do this 7 times in a row with no down time inbetween sets.

Both partners had to do it within 5 minutes, roughly 2 1/2 minutes each. If we did not complete it with in those five minutes we got penalized and had to do 7 burpees (at the end of the workout), but if we did do it under 5 minutes we got a pardon which you could save yourself from burpees if you missed the five minute mark during the other 6 rounds.

Needless to say this is where having a coach as a partner was fantastic as coach Andrew is quick and would finish his round in about a minute and a half leaving me plenty of time to get my set done. But I am happy to say that I did my first few rounds in about 2 minutes. Round five is when I started to feel it and I was getting dizzy so I opted to only finish half of that round but luckily we had four previous pardons so we were saved from Burpees. Rounds 6 & 7 were a struggle but I did manage to finish both of those with the encouragement of my team mate.. thanks Andrew. In the end nobody had to do burpees as even if a group failed a round they had plenty of pardons to take care of the failures.

This was an extremely tough workout, one that I almost couldn't finish but I'm happy I stuck with it and accomplished something awesome.

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