Saturday, April 11, 2015

Visiting Irishman

Back from working out, Chris and I hung out for a few before he headed out to hang with a few other friends and I headed to LAX to pick up my buddy Thomas who was visiting me from Ireland for a few days. His flight was landing around 12:45pm and I left my place at noon expecting to get there around the time his flight would land. Well traffic was horrible and I really should have known better. I stressed a bit as 12:45 came and went and I was still a half hour away.

When I finally made it to LAX I did a loop and the flight tracker that I was using told me his flight landed at Terminal 5 so I did a slow pass on the inside ring at Terminal 5 & 6 but I couldn't find the sign that said British Airways. I did another loop and re-entered the airport when it dawned on me that he's coming in on a international flight, which meant he'd fly in to the Tom Bradly terminal. So I did slow pass and there were a ton of people but no Thomas. It then again dawned on me that he had to go through customs, so he may not be out yet.. I decided that this was stupid driving in circles so I parked and went in to see if I could find him. It was close to 1:30 and I was sure he was waiting for me with in that big crowd of visitors. As I entered the Tom Bradly terminal there is only one exit from customs and as I was entering the building he was exiting customs.. talk about timing... it was perfect.

It was great seeing Thomas as I hadn't seen him since last SDCC and he is not going this year so I figured I wasn't going to see him this year.. but he decided to do Calgary Expo next week up in Canada and he figured he'd do a pit stop in Cali and visit his friends... so yay!!

We jumped in the car and headed back into traffic. I had been in contact with Chris who was with our friend Dallas and we planned to meet up in Burbank at the Islands and grab a late lunch. Again timing was perfect as I pulled into the parking structure to park.. who was directly in the car in front of us.. Chris and Dallas. We went up the structure as the place was packed.. and for a third time fate had plans for us. Chris pulled into a spot and directly across from his spot a car pulled out and I pulled into that spot... so many crazy happenstance.

It was a pretty awesome lunch... I got to spend time with three very important guys in my life... we got to eat some tasty Islands Burgers and Cheddar Fries... it was a blast. Afterwards Chris and Dallas went to go look for some make up for Chris' cosplay for Star Wars Celebration while I took Thomas back to my place so he could unload his luggage.

Back at my place Thomas and I just hung out for a bit before Chris returned. We started to watch some Xena. If you remember Thomas is a HUGE Xena fan and whenever we get together we try and watch a few episodes. I promised him that I would only watch them with him so it may take us years to watch them all but it's a fun thing we get to do together. Chris watched Xena with us for a bit before heading south to his lady before heading north to Vandenberg base where he will be staying for the next few months.

Thomas and I watched a few more episodes of Xena (which I will review in the post after this one, if your interested) before calling it a night. Tomorrow, Thomas will be joining me for his first NerdStrong Gym class.

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