Thursday, April 9, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Form and Control

Up bright and early once again and heading to NerdStrong Gym. After a warm up we got started on the workout. Since there were very few of us we didn't have partner up.

We were doing 3 rounds with 7 reps each. We started with Sandbag In Hinge Position. This wasn't difficult but it was taxing. We were really watching our form on this one. We only had to lift the sandbag a few inches off the ground for :10 seconds but getting the from right was tough.

Afterwards we moved on to Strict Ring Rows. I usually enjoy Ring Rows but these were :10 seconds down, which meant we had to count and slowly move down until we hit 10 and then quickly back up. Going slow makes everything more difficult.

We then moved back to Sandbags and did 1x Sandbag Clean and then right into 8x Sandbag Front Squats. Again we focused on form and not the actual weight or reps. We worked on this for about 10 minutes.

Our final task was doing 3 rounds of the following 20x Strict Russian Twists, 12x Lo 2 Hi Planks and finally 50x Bicycles. I started off great with the Russian Twists and then moved quickly into the Lo 2 Hi Planks but the Bicycles almost killed me. These you could feel in your core and they were extremely tough. I couldn't complete the 50 and went down to the modified but still horrible number of x30.  We had planned to do 3 rounds but we ran out of time and I got about 2 1/2 rounds done. 

This workout started off fairly light but ended with a bang. Thanks Coach Andrew for another amazing workout at NerdStrong.

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