Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Getting a Ticket Sucks!

So I was feeling great after my workout, took a shower, ate my second breakfast and watched a bit of TV. I jumped on the freeway and was almost at work when it hit me.. did I turn off my space heater. Well I couldn't continue to work so I got off the freeway and headed home. When I got back to my apartment I parked out front since there was empty street parking. I went up to my apartment and to the space heater and it was off.

I headed back down to my car, got in and made a u-turn to head back to the freeway entrance but as soon as I made the u-turn I saw flashing lights behind me.. yep I got pulled over. The cop was very nice and explained that it was illegal to make a u-turn and that he was going to issue me a citation.

Yeah so much for me feeling great... It sucks that in the end I went back for nothing as the space heater wasn't on, but I know if I didn't go back I'd be panicking all day at work. So I can't beat myself up for that. I also never park out front but because I was in a hurry I figured this would be a quick in and out. I honestly didn't know making a u-turn from the curb was illegal (and I'm currently investigating to see if it is actually illegal). But you know what.. such is life. You can't change the past and there is no point in beating myself over it or dwelling on it. All I can do is move forward, see how much this ticket will cost me and will it be worth fighting in court.. stay tuned.

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