Monday, April 6, 2015

Kidney Health - Update

Health Update.. today I got an Ultrasound done on my kidneys and bladder. For the past few months there has been concerns that my kidneys might not be functioning properly as my serum creatatine levels are to high on my blood tests. serum creataine is a protein that your muscle produce and your kidneys are suppose to remove from your system. Other then the high levels of the creataine I have no other symptoms of kidney failure but they wanted to take a closer look at the kidneys and bladder just to make sure.

This was my first ever ultrasound. The technician was extremely friendly and explained what we were about to do. I had to drink 3 large glasses of water a half hour before, which I did (I think I drank about 8) so when I go there I had to pee pretty bad. She was happy with this news and said she would ultrasound my bladder first and then I could go empty it before we did the kidneys.

When she squirted that gel onto my lower stomach area I was surprised that it was warm. From all the pregnant women tv shows that I watch they also say how cold the gel is. I made a comment about this and she informed me that they now use warmers for the gel. Anyways she started to do the ultrasound and was pushing pretty deep into my stomach and I just kept thinking to myself.. she knows I have to pee, why is she continuously pushing on my bladder. She snapped a few pictures and then handed me a towel to clean up and directed me to the bathroom.

Once back in the room, she had me lay on my side and the warm gel was once again applied to my skin. This time she had me take deep breaths and hold them.. we did one side and then the other. She asked why my doctor requested this ultrasound and I explained about the extra creataine and she understood. She said my bladder and kidneys look great. So now I go back and see my doctor in a few weeks and go over the results. It was a quick process, took a total of about 20 minutes.

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