Wednesday, April 8, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Climbing the Ladder

"CON" class today with coach Blair. He's really into running for warm ups and not only running but crazy running. The first run was your normal 250 meter run around the parking lot. The second run he made us run backwards 250 meters. For the third run it wasn't an actual run but a skip.. yes we skipped 250 meter around the parking lot. And the fourth and final run was a partnership. One person did another 250 meter run while your partner did planks until you got back and then you'd change places.

The first half of the class coach Blair went over stretching pre-workout. We did some crazy thing with a partner and rubber band. Got a good stretch for the hips done.

For the workout it's wasn't so much a cardio workout but more of an endurance workout. It was created by coach Seely and consisted of Sit Ups, Kettlebell Swings and Step Ups. And structured as a Ladder workout.

So you do 1 sit up, then 1 kettlebell swing and 1 step up before starting over and this time you did 2 sit ups, 2 kettlebell swings and 2 step ups and then 3 and so on up to 11 and then back down to 1. We had 25 minutes to complete it and though I didn't finish in the allotted time I took an extra few minutes to finish it off.

If's funny when you do these ladder workouts you don't realize how many of these things you are actually doing. When you add up everything we did today it comes out to 121 Sit Ups, 121 Kettlebell Swings and 121 Step Ups.. that's just crazy.

Thanks Blair for another amazing class.

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