Saturday, April 11, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Lots of Work with Lots of Rest

I got up early and my buddy Chris was already out of the house, he had to deal with a tire issue before he continuing his journey later today.

Before I left for my Saturday NerdStrong Chris got back and I tried to convince him to join me but he didn't go for it.

Today's warm up started with 2 Laps around the parking lot (roughly 500 meters). We then started to stretch and did 2 sets of each of these. 5x Bootstrappers, 6x Perfect Stretch & 7x Sit Ups.

Today's workout was broken down into three sections. Workout A, Workout B and Cooldown.

We started with Workout A which was 3 rounds of 5x Wall Squats. This is when you literally go up to the wall and squat in front of it. What it does is prevent you from leaning forward and shows you how to do a proper squat. Next was 10x Air Squats, then 10x Jump Squats and finally we headed outside to do 20x Walk Lunge. Then we did it all again and again. It doesn't look like much on the board but when you do it constantly with no rest it's alot of work. Which is why we took a 3 minute rest before starting Workout B.

Workout B consisted of :30 second work / :30 second rest. We did 4 rounds of each. First was Frog Hops, these are like double Mountain Climbers.. you take both feet and hop back and then bring both feet at the same time forward and touch your knees to your elbows. They look easy but after :15 seconds you start to feel it. We did those 4 times for a total of 2 minutes, the goal was to try and do the same amount each time. We took a much needed 2 minute break before starting Split Jump, again like with the Frog Hops, they aren't that difficult but after :15 seconds you start to feel the burn. Another 2 minute rest before doing our final task in Workout B and they were the dreaded Burpees. I managed to do 6 burpees each time for a total of 24 burpees in 2 minutes.

Everyone was exhausted so we got to take a 5 minute rest before doing our "cool down" and I have that in quotes as it was a 10 minute Jog that was considered our "cool down". And to be honest it wasn't that horrible.. yes we were tired but you didn't have to run around the parking lot, it was a nice jog and it was perfect weather for it. Coach Seely parted some words of wisdom to us (Lauren, Naomi and I) on how to jog this.. he said we jog the long stretches and then walk the short turns... this helped tremendously. I think we all jogged/walked just under a mile.

Overall it looked like a good workout and boy was it. We had just the right amount of rest between sets.. this Coach Andrew really knows what he is talking about :)

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