Tuesday, April 7, 2015

SDCC Hotel Fiasco Continues & NerdStrong Gym Article

So my continued struggle with the San Diego Comic Con Hotel Reservation system continues. This is now my fifth call into their customer service department over the past two weeks. All I'm trying to do is put a credit card down in order to hold my room reservation. As usual I'm on hold but this time it was for only 15 minutes (my shortest yet). I got a very nice lady on the other end and I went into my story of what I have been through the past two weeks. She looks at my account and says she'll need to put me on hold while she discusses it with her supervisor (deja vu). She comes back on the phone several time and apologizes for the long hold time. I told her I have no problem with waiting as long as this can finally be resolved.

A few minutes later she gets back on the phone and said "Okay give me your credit card number". I almost fainted, it actually looks like they fixed the IT issue. I give her my credit card number and she puts me on hold while it's processing. About five minutes later she gets back on and says I'm sorry but your credit card has been declined. Now I know there was room on this card for this charge and it's probably my stupid credit card company being dicks.. so I just said can I give you my debt card instead. I was put on hold as a supervisor needs to approve the removal of a credit card. She gets back on a few minutes later and informs me that they can't take a second card because their computer will try processing the charge on this current credit card for the next 48 hours and she doesn't want me to be doubled charged.

So after two weeks of all these IT issues with their website it's now an issue with my credit card. I swear the fates are working against me on getting this hotel room. So I now have to wait 48 hours to see if the charge will go through. If it's declined then they will email me and let me put down another credit card. So the room is 95% mine but I can't seem to get to that last 5% to complete the deal. Hopefully in two days this whole hotel fiasco will be behind me... fingers crossed.

And just a side note as I'm sure you guys aren't tired of me talking about my awesome geeky gym NerdStrong.. they were featured as the "Spotlight Gym" on the Bodybuilding.com website.. you can read the article HERE

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